Anna Alimani, Anna Swimwear, arrives at Miami Swim Week to add glamour to your swimsuits

Chicas Guapas | July 19, 2022

Chicas Guapas: How was Anna Swimwear born?
Anna Alimani: Honestly I first had no desire to start a swimwear line at all. However circumstances in life doesn’t life just bestowed to give me this opportunity and I figured why not? I have always wanted a brand attached to my name in addition to my real estate business and in addition to my modeling career I wanted who Anna is. Also not only that but I am a huge fan Of the water, I love to swim and growing up I already had around a 100 bikinis so I guess I could say I’ve always been a fan! Not only that but I genuinely do love to create Brands and businesses I am an entrepreneur at heart and nothing gives me more pleasure than doing so.

CG: What are the best sellers products of the brand?
AA: Best sellers are definitely my Ombre collection as well as my rose pedal bikini set. It seems to love those two pieces in particular because of the diversity of different color combinations of the ombre collection and the soft delicate flattering nature of the rose pedal set as well as the complimentary feminine color it has

CG: What is it like to be your own boss?
AA: The best feeling in the world!! I have always been an entrepreneur and my first and foremost career is as a real estate broker. I’ve always had a zest for life and a desire to live life on my terms and call my own shots.

CG: What are we going to see in your show at Miami Swim Week?
AA: A variety of everything! I have bikinis that are very sexy I also have bikinis that are very conservative and more of a vintage Chanel style and I also have bikinis that are also very fun. I believe in diversity so I like to implement that in my line as well.

CG: What is it like to work for Miami Swim Week?
AA: I love working with them! Everything was so well organized the ladies were so nice so understanding so sweet and accommodating especially since this was my 1st year doing Miami swim week I was very nervous and I thought it was a lot to handle but they made it So easy they had great communication and everybody including the models were an absolute delight to work with! Not only that but I also got to walk the show as a model after showcasing my own collection so I got to play the role of a designer and a model at the same time and I could not be more happy and feel more accomplished.

CG: A dream to fulfill?
AA: I have many dreams but if it relates to a dream with my bikini line my goal is to grow my company, work with celebrities, really, really promote my brand and then sell it off to a big clothing conglomerate while retaining a good sized equity stake.