Interview: Meet Anna Swimwear Founder Anna Alimani

Investor Telegraph | June 27, 2022

Anna Alimani is a New York City based model, influencer, realtor and entrepreneur. On the back of gracing the cover of L’Officiel India, winning best in swim at Miss New York earlier this year and completing a degree in Business Administration from Purdue University, Anna has decided to combine these achievements to form her own swimwear line Anna Swimwear. Today we got to go behind the brand that is Anna Alimani:

For readers who don’t already know, can you tell us about the start of Anna Swimwear?
Actually it’s a great story of entrepreneurship! I had initially been hired to model for a bikini brand and the owner of the bikini brand saw that I that I had a large sphere of influence and that I also had a sharpened sense of business acumen so he offered that he gave me part ownership of his line and exchange for me running the day to the operations and doing then doing the PR since he liked being behind the scenes. Ultimately I was already to go and very excited and he suddenly disappeared after we had discussed the initial costs etc He essentially ghosted me with no explanation. However I am Anna I know better than to quit. I was not going to let this spark of excitement of starting my own brand my own business die so easily. I had already gotten the inspiration and I had already connected with photographers and website design in of my line regardless so I did go ahead and pursue my dream my dream. It actually turned out even better than I had thought because instead of being being partners with somebody That proved to be unreliable I am 100% the owner of my own brand and I’m entitled to all of the business perks that gives, I couldn’t be more excited !

Why did you start Anna Swimwear?
Honestly I first had no desire to start a swimwear line at all. However circumstances in life doesn’t life just bestowed to give me this opportunity and I figured why not? I have always wanted a brand attached to my name in addition to my real estate business and in addition to my modeling career I wanted who Anna is. Also not only that but I am a huge fan Of the water, I love to swim and growing up I already had around a 100 bikinis so I guess I could say I’ve always been a fan! Not only that but I genuinely do love to create Brands and businesses I am an entrepreneur at heart and nothing gives me more pleasure than doing so.

You are launching Anna Swimwear next month at Miami Swim Week- congratulations! Please tell us more about this launch.
I had always been a fan of Miami swim week however I had never walked it personally. Now it is honestly a very pleasant dream come true that I am not only walking in Miami swim week but I am walking in my own show as the closer! Adding to that I am going to be collaborating on this line with a big ayla’s producer in Hollywood who will feature it in some in some major films that he is in charge of directing the wardrobe. I plan to really grow this brand and really make it a celebrity, pageant pageant, glamor, and beauty line.

There are a lot of swim brands out there. What makes Anna Swimwear different?
I am very excited to launch his brand particularly because of of the background and the people that I am working with in regards to this brand part of this brand my CO face of the brand is Andreia Gibau, who is the 2020 Miss New York title holder. I was also fortunate to compete in the miss New York competition of 2022 and be awarded the best swim wear walk award which in a odd way coincidentally coincidentally matches with what I’m doing which is launching a bikini line. This is just the beginning I am going to be bringing on a lot of top influencers and celebrities to really bring this brand to the top.

You started off in the fashion/influencer industry at a young age. What have your past experiences in the fashion industry taught you and how have they benefited you for the person you are today?
Good question! What I have learned is what said brands apart from success success is who you work with how you work with them and the relationships that you have in your personal network. It is all about who you know not what you know I know that is redundant sing but from my experience I couldn’t hold it more true then it is. I have learned that leveraging your connections and networks making yourself likable and just playing showing up Gets a lot done for you. Let’s not forget confidence also!! I close mouth does not get fed so ask for what you want and you will get it !

What were your biggest challenges in getting Anna Swimwear up and running? What are your biggest challenges today?
As stated in the beginning of this interview I had some issues with a potential partner that was going to help me start this brand and I was a little bit disappointed when he disappeared on me but I was not devastated. Being where I am today and accomplishing what I have done in life has showed You never let small setbacks Flash through you. The biggest challenge I think I will face is just juggling the time to run this brand on this brand I’m most likely going to hire an assistant that deals exclusively with this brand while while I continue to focus on my real estate career and my modeling career, you also may be seeing me on some big screens too.

What is your favorite part about running Anna Swimwear?
I love being in charge. I like owning a brand.. I love being a woman owning a brand, my parents came here as immigrants from Eastern Europe while most of Europe was under communism to start a better life for themselves and their future children (my brother and I ). So in a way, having this brand, and running it is a testament to their brave endeavor years ago.

Where can readers purchase Anna Swimwear?